Widmer Mensing Law Group, LLP in Bend, Oregon
Widmer Mensing Law Group, LLP is an experienced, solution-focused Bend, Oregon law firm which provides our clients with advice and services on a wide array of legal matters.

We believe we have a different attitude, focus, and approach to the practice of law that directly benefits our clients. Each lawyer at Widmer Mensing Law Group, LLP is a partner and a seasoned professional. We don't have inexperienced associates (with hourly billing requirements) which many law firms use for profit centers. Rather, each partner here works directly with our clients and is personally and intensely focused on reaching the solutions and the outcomes that are desired by our clients. Without sugar coating, our attorneys give straight advice to our clients. We explain our clients' options and work hard to find the best solution for their situation.

We have been around the block; the lawyers here know the law, how cases and people work, and how to get results. Our attorneys understand business and are experienced in handling complex transactions, negotiation, and litigation. We like to work hard and to get the job done for our clients without unnecessary expense. Whether the matter is business, employment, real estate, divorce, personal injury, lawsuits, bankruptcy, or estate planning, the attorneys here are committed to working in a way that is the most cost effective for our clients. That may mean multiple attorneys within our firm--or even outside of our firm--working as a team. We often coordinate with other professionals such as accountants and business and financial advisors. The overriding goal is to get the result, the outcome, and the solution that our clients need.

Widmer Mensing Law Group, LLP is in Bend, Oregon because we love it here. This is where we live, and where we are glad to greet our clients whether we are standing in the grocery or lift line, at a local concert or school event, or while out on the mountain or on the river trail. Although our office is in Bend, we have clients throughout the state of Oregon, from Medford to Portland. Yes, we travel, and we do so because there is nothing better than a face-to-face discussion. As a client of Widmer Mensing Law Group, LLP, we are confident that you will appreciate our commitment and come to trust us. We understand that trust is earned through years of service and not through a slick website or advertising campaign. The attorneys here at Widmer Mensing Law Group, LLP look forward to earning your trust.