Divorce can have an immense toll on everyone involved.
On the couple.
On their children.
On their closest family.
And the thing is, that toll isn’t simply financial.
It’s emotional. It’s mental. It affects every part of life, changing what was once a home
into, quite often, a battlefield.

We have over 23 years of experience as litigation attorneys in numerous fields including family law. Now we help couples navigate through the legal system in the most humane way possible.

What does mediation do?
It can save money.
Reduce the personal, emotional, and mental toll.
Keep all decisions not in the hands of a judge – but in yours.
Reflect positive behavior to children.
It’s conflict resolution of the highest, and most important, order.

Collaborative Law
Another alternative to the traditional court-centered divorce is collaborative law. In this method, both parties retain their own collaborative lawyers and all of the participants work together as a team to create solutions, come to resolutions, and stay out of court. As with mediation, each party agrees to share all material information and behave respectfully to each other. The parties can jointly hire outside professionals to provide information and advice on relevant issues such as valuation of assets and division of retirement accounts. Each party always has their own lawyer to provide advice. If the process breaks down the lawyers have to withdraw and each party hires new litigation counsel.

Contact us to find learn more about the collaborative approach and if you are good candidates for using this method.

Please let us offer you a more civil way to end a marriage.

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